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Press Releases

SMI launches the spare parts e-store

With the aim of simplifying and speeding up the supply of spare parts, SMI launches the new Smigroup e-store which enables customers (for now only ...


Preview of DRINKTEC 2013

SMI's response to the pressing demands of the beverage industry for faster, more efficient and energy-saving bottle-manufacturing systems now has a new name: the HSR (High-Speed Rotary) ...


Gain space with the new neck-in-bottle

In order to increase their market share, beverage bottling companies have to test innovative packaging solutions allowing substantial cost and energy savings and ensuring high ...


BOOST your machine's performances with SmyUpgrades!

. ...


Save your time with SmyCloud!

SmyCloud is now available for SMI customers; it is an innovative service of interactive web-browsing of both technical manuals and lists of machine spare parts, where requests for quotation can ...