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The tertiary packaging of beverage, food or chemical/pharmaceutical products needs even more versatile solutions in order to:

- improve the handling of containers and avoid damages
- reduce the changeover times to quickly adapt the production to the new palletizing patterns
- increase the performances saving space


The advantages of SMI solutions!


Multifunctional central column

The central column of the APS ERGON palletizer combines all main functions of the system:
- feeding of the empty pallets
- insertion of the interlayer pads
- palletizing operations


Compact infeed

The infeed section is equipped with a layer pre-composition system consisting of mat belt system.
- compact solution
- a specific area for the layer composition with static pack-turning device (traditional solution) is not required


Customized palletizing patterns

Possibility to integrate handling systems to turn and/or translate the loose packs arriving on the infeed belt and to set them on multiple rows according to the palletizing pattern


Simple and fast assembly and start-up operations

- The modules are assembled, prewired and tested in factory in order to reduce the operations for the customer
- The maintenance costs and the energy consumptions are minimized


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