OK! We are ready for Drinktec!

OK! We are ready for Drinktec!

There are only 10 days left to the main exhibition of 2017...

OK! We're ready for Drinktec!

OK! We're saying it to you through a bottle featuring a very original design, which depicts the popular gesture of approval with the stretched hand and the thumb up.

OK! At Drinktec SMI is ready to show you the latest news of the bottling and packaging industry, like the integrated ECOBLOC® ERGON system gathering into a single compact block the operations of blowing, bottling and capping PET containers... even those with very original shapes, such as the OK bottle.


OK! SMI also offers the study of eye-catching PET containers, since a high aesthetic profile of the bottle, drawing consumers' attention, is an effective promotional tool for the product it contains. Everything starts with listening to the customers' needs, from which SMI engineers start designing, in order to study with passion, creativity and originality something unique and bespoke.

We'll be waiting for you at our stand 302 Hall A6, where you'll be able to discover SMI's Industry 4.0-compliant products, see our machines in operation... and give your OK to our bottle!

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SMI S.p.A.