Let's give PET bottles the right look!

Let's give PET bottles the right look!

Bottle design as promotional tool

Nobody can be indifferent to the particularly appealing bottle, created by SMI for the Paradise Beverages company in Papua New Guinea. The peculiarity of this container is its wonderfully stylized decoration, as if it were a precious dress, which covers the majority of the bottle containing the water whose brand is "Tru Tru Wara".

Starting from a bottle sketch, which was already available, SMI designers and the customer have actively worked together to create a personalized version of the project, with the aim of making the new 0.5 and 1 L containers easily recognizable on the market.

An eye-catching aesthetic result

The aesthetic result is really captivating, almost as a real "tattoo" on the top part of the bottle, which makes the new PET containers immediately identifiable in every point of sale in which they appear. The bottle designing has been an outstanding challenge, especially because of the complexity of the 360° decoration of a specific zone, where the starting and the final points of the "tattoo" have to coincide perfectly.

SMI, thanks to a modern CAD center provided with design tools of the latest generation, can graphically create and elaborate a huge variety of bottles and PET containers. Till now SMI designers have realized more than 1,700 different bottles, fully exploiting the customization opportunities offered by PET ductility and flexibility in order to offer each bottler the ideal solution for the promotion of his own product.

Let's give PET bottles the right look!

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