PSHA: The space-saving handle applicator

PSHA: The space-saving handle applicator

The SK ERGON packers can be equipped with an automatic handle applicator of the PSHA series (Pre-Shrinking Handle Applicator), which attaches a handle on a section of the shrink film before it's wrapped around a group of containers moving toward the shrink tunnel.

The pre-shrinking handle applicator of the PSHA series can be installed on the operator's side, on the opposite side or on both sides in case of dual lane production and represents the ideal solution when:

  • there isn't enough room for the installation of a stand-alone handle applicator and for the conveyors between the packer and the handle applicator;
  • the film is thin but a handle applicator is indispensable;
  • packs are little, since the application before shrinking entails a larger section of application.

The pre-shrinking handle applicator matches adhesive tape with a non-adhesive central support (a handle made of paper or plastic), thus composing an uninterrupted string of handles which, once wound on a reel, is loaded on automatically-locking mandrels to be then attached onto the heat-shrinking film surface.

The PSHA handle applicator is perfectly synchronised with the packaging machine on which it is installed and this latter sets automatically in stand-by mode when the handle reel is used up.

Moreover, the pre-shrinking handle applicator is outfitted with an operator panel enabling the direct adjustment of parameters, the memorization of a maximum of 10 formats, the real-time monitoring of the machine and the data transfer to the customer's control system by MODBUS TCP protocol on Ethernet network.

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