ECOBLOC® ERGON: high efficiency at low cost

ECOBLOC® ERGON: high efficiency at low cost

The integrated plants of the new ECOBLOC® ERGON series are the ideal solution for the blow-molding, filling and capping of PET and PP containers for the bottling of still and carbonated water, soft drinks, milk and edible oil up to 3 L at the maximum output of 33,600 bottles/hour (0.5 L). The series includes also High-Capacity models (ECOBLOC® HC) for containers up to 10 L and maximum output of 7,200 bottles/hour (5 L).

The new EBS ERGON comes from SMI's 20-year-old expertise in the manufacturing of rotary stretch-blow moulders and offers multiple advantages in terms of cost reduction and operational flexibility; for instance, the integration of three functions in one compact block eliminates the conveyors connecting blow-molder and filler, thus simplifying both the management and the maintenance of the plant.

The EBS (Electronic Blowing System) ERGON blow-moulder represents the core of the integrated ECOBLOC® system and is the outcome of a 2-year intensive R&D project which has introduced innovative concepts for both the design and the production of the blowing systems:

  • the blow-molding module is equipped with motorized stretching rods whose functioning is controlled by electronic drives with no need of mechanical cams, enabling a precise management of the stretching rod's stroke, the accurate control of its position and significant energy savings if compared to traditional solutions;
  • the new ERGON technology allows the adjustment of the stretch speed without mechanical interventions besides reducing the stress generated by the vibrations the blow-moulding carousel undergoes in traditional plants;
  • the ECOBLOC® ERGON series boasts an utterly electronic filling technology ensuring a high level of precision and hygiene, along with a perfect synchronization with the stretch-blowing module;
  • the operator can easily and safely access the inner part of the machine for maintenance and cleaning operations, since the area beneath the bottles is completely free;
  • thanks to an extremely simple and intuitive man-machine interface, the machine's automation and control system allows to have the machine stopped by just one operator.

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