Money-saving pal/depal system

Money-saving pal/depal system

Can a hand-made layout sketched out during an informal conversation lead to one of the smartest money-saving solutions SMI has ever designed for a customer?

That's what actually happened for the packaging line with built-in pal/depal equipment delivered to the Idaho processing facility of Amy's Kitchen Inc., one of the largest organic and non-GMO food producers in the US.

In short, the system designed, manufactured and installed by SMI allows Amy's to:

  • literally eliminate any cooking production interruptions due to packaging line breakdowns  
  • be able to either pack food cans in clusters or palletise them while still loose  
  • automatically deliver two different items for automatic case packing of variety packs
  • fully automate palletisation and depalletisation, thus allowing operators to go on break without the need of coverage
  • run the soup line without the need to fully staff the packaging area all the time

Highly innovative technical solutions

The highly innovative technical solution provided by SMI takes avantage of the flexibility and versatility featuring two Smipal palletisers, a Smiflexi shrinkwrapper and a smart network of Smiline conveyour belts connecting SMI machines to the facility's cooking room, with advanced control technology to automate it all.

Thanks to this multitask system, Amy's can now benefit from huge money-saving operations, since the cooker doesn't have to stop due to packaging interruption, thus preserving the product quality.

This system also allows Amy's to stack items and package them at a later time, allowing the reduction of staff on the line since it can run in one shift only while the cooker keeps working.

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