Newsletter N°1/2011 - Tailor-made bottles and moulds

Bottles taking shape

In such a competitive and demanding market as Food&Beverage's, packaging has come to play a key role in steering consumer preferences. A visually appealing package - making the brand stand out on the store shelf- is crucial for producers to increase their turnover. In fact, both small and large businesses now rely on versatile packaging systems to give an innovative look to their product and polish their brand image.

<strong> Newsletter N°1/2011 - </strong> Tailor-made bottles and moulds

Tailor-made containers for each and every need

Smi avails itself of a state-of-the-art CAD department equipped with top-level instruments to design and process graphically a wide variety of bottles and containers. Starting from a deep understanding of the customer's requirements, the container design is sketched, defined and then turns into a finished project. As of today SMI engineers have designed over 700 containers, from the most simple to the most complex shaped.

<strong> Newsletter N°1/2011 - </strong> Tailor-made bottles and moulds

High-quality moulds with excellent finish

The visual appeal of bottles and containers mostly relies on an accurate and precise manufacture of the moulds they are shaped from. SMI boasts a dedicated division for the manufacture of moulds made by a special aluminium alloy and of mechanical components. Smi manufactures a wide array of moulds suitable both for Smiform blowmoulders and for other manufacturers' machines, thanks to an FMS line consisting of 12 CNC machining centers. State-of-the-art fully automated machines run 24/7 even without operator, according to pre-set programs (CAM). The 12 machining centres can achieve an output of more than 15.000 moulds per year; they are equipped with linear motors featuring up to 80 metres per minute and mandrels featuring up to 30.000 rounds per minute.

<strong> Newsletter N°1/2011 - </strong> Tailor-made bottles and moulds

Research and development make you more competitive

Over the past few years, Reaserch and Development have become cornerstones of SMI growth strategy. In fact, the SMIGROUP has been making hefty investments in new material and application testing, with a particular focus on multi-layer and hot filling preforms.

<strong> Newsletter N°1/2011 - </strong> Tailor-made bottles and moulds

Furthermore, SMI engineers carefully check preforms provided by the customer by means of sophisticated instruments such as videocameras and special softwares for the comparison of the dimensional parameters, in order to measure the preform wall thickness by infrared rays and check the polymer homogeneity through polarized light equipment.

<strong> Newsletter N°1/2011 - </strong> Tailor-made bottles and moulds

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