Newsletter N°4/2008 - Outlook 2007

REPORT 2007: The goal of 100 million euro surpassed!

The SMI Group grows at "Chinese" rates

Despite the strong appreciation of the euro, in 2007 the SMI Group's sales recorded a growth marking a 14,11% rise in comparison with 2006, passing from 88,2 to 100,7 million euro.

More in details, the parent company SMI (high-speed automatic packers and rotary stretch-blow molders) generated sales for 72,3 million euro, recording a 11,7%  increase in comparison with 2006.
The subsidiary company SMIPACK (low-speed automatic and semiautomatic packers) registered a record increase (+ 28%) passing from 9,2 to 11,8 million euro.

Newsletter N°4/2008 - Outlook 2007

Worldwide presence

The machines manufactured by the SMI Group are present almost in all Countries all around the world.

In fact, 90% of the production is exported both in the industrialized markets and in the emerging markets. The most important customers are in Europe (60% of exports), followed by China, Russia and Turkey, which confirmed themselves as the most important emergent markets.
Satisfactory results were achieved in Mexico and USA, while most of the Countries in the Eastern Europe showed encouraging signs of growth.

Newsletter N°4/2008 - Outlook 2007

Innovation first of all

Innovation is the life style of the SMI Group. The research & development activity, exploring new opportunities and ideas, is of great importance for the company growth.

The aim is to provide products and solutions that ensure the best investment return and are able to face the market competitiveness. The SMI Group promotes the technological innovation in all its sectors and invests an increasing quote of the turnover in the research & development activity

Newsletter N°4/2008 - Outlook 2007

In 2007, SMI have made important investments in the Research & Development, in order to introduce continuous technological innovations in the different products of the Group: such investments are the major factor which contributed to the excellent economical results of the year 2007.

Marketing Dept.
SMI S.p.A.