Newsletter - N°2/2007 - SMILine

SMI is a leader among the world-class constructors of packaging equipment; thanks to its division SMILine it offers a complete range of line engineering solutions:

  • it designs and manufactures conveyor belts to move loose products or bundles within bottling and packaging lines.
  • it designs and supplies turnkey plants.

In order to optimize the machines performance, SMI:

  • implements hi-tech control and supervision systems.
  • integrates machines and equipment of the latest generation.
  • guarantees a widerspread, efficient technical service.

SMI manufactures production lines featuring:

  • high-automation processes.
  • great flexibility of applications and production.
  • high reliability and safety standard.
  • excellent performance/price ration

Newsletter - N°2/2007 - SMILine

When designing a machine layout, SMILine engineers have been combining the customer's exigencies with the market most innovating and competitive solutions, thus being able to meet the end user's specific requirements, both from a technical and from a sales point of view.

For further information or for offer enquiries, please contact SMI sales department.

Marketing Department
SMI S.p.A.