Newsletter N°1/2007 -Co-operation between SMI & DHL

SMI shipping department is more and more careful about its customers' requirements!

To this purpose, SMI S.p.A and DHL International joined their efforts, in order to develop a software system integrated in the ERP (Enterpirse resource planning) of both the companies.

This system has great advantages for the customers:

  • Quicker spare parts delivery;
  • Automatization of a series of procedures that were previously performed manually;
  • Automatic e-mail notification, both to the customer and to SMI, including the following information: successful shipment, shipment date, AWB number, package features and link to DHL website in order to display the "shipment-tracking details".

Here is an example of the e-mail notification sent by this service:

Newsletter N°1/2007 -Co-operation between SMI & DHL

*** *** ***

Oggetto: DHL Shipment Notification


The following 1 piece(s) have been sent via DHL International GmbH on 10/07/2007 on Shipment Number 4960316093.

If you wish to track this shipment, please visit DHL website at or contact your local DHL Customer Service office.

If you have a Web-enabled mail reader, click the link below to view shipment- tracking details:
or just forward this E-Mail to and you will receive the tracking results in your inbox within minutes. Y ou can also contact your local DHL customer service department.

Please not reply to this email.

RECEIVER : "CUSTOMER name and address"
SENDER : SMI SPA: Via Piazzalunga 30 San Giovanni B. 24015 ITALY

RECAP: AWB: 4960316093
WEIGHT: 2.83     PIECES: 1
CONTENTS: 4049   REF : 3273

Thank you for using DHL

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It will be our care to offer you a service constantly improving and to keep you informed on all our services' news.

SMI S.p.A.
Shipping and transport department