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Pick & place case packers for RSC cases

The ideal solution for multiple applications

Every day, people all over the world consume billion doses of beverages, food, hygiene and cleaning products, marketed in containers of a thousand shapes and with the most varied characteristics, that require an appropriate protection during handling operations and a packaging with a captivating look to draw the consumers' attention.

SMI experience in the field of secondary packaging has enabled to develop a wide range of applications that can be achieved with the pick & place case packers from the ACP (American Carton Packer) ERGON series.

The cardboard case is a simple and resistant type of packaging, optimized according to the size of the product to be packed, which maximizes visibility on shelves at the points of sale thanks to the possibility to graphically customize the package.


The packaging process of the ACP ERGON is alternate (stop & go) and uses a pick & place system to insert loose products into cardboard boxes, as well as into plastic crates, at the maximum speed of 20 packs/minute. The machine can be equipped with PID device to insert pre-mounted partitions for a higher degree of protection of the content.


On the occasion of the Brau Beviale trade fair (Nuremberg, 28th -30th November 2023 booth 503 - Hall 7A), SMI will showcase an ACP 20 S ERGON case packer to pack 66 cl beer glass bottles in cardboard baskets in the 3x2 format, with adhesive tape closure. The result is a simple, effective and eye-catching packaging.

The cardboard basket is the ideal solution to create a microwave cardboard multipack and guarantees a resistant packaging that can be customized graphically for the product promotion.

Compact structure

ACP case packers are characterized by a monbloc structure, where all machine functions are grouped: product separation, insertion into cases with product top loading, cardboard magazine and box sealing.

Versatile technology

The machines from the ACP range can pack several types of products, such as glass bottles and jars, bags and boxes of pasta, rice and coffee, and oval containers or briks, simply by changing the gripper / suction cup. Thanks to their high versatility, they can also pack stacked products inside cases



Easy management & Advanced automation

The carton magazine, located next to the machine, allows the loading of pre-folded blanks in an easy and ergonomic way.

ACP ERGON case packers are equipped with MotorNet System® automation and control technology based on Sercos fieldbus, which ensures full compatibility with Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms within the plant.


If you want to discover other advantages of ACP ERGON packers, we'll be waiting for you at our booth 503 - Hall 7A at Brau Beviale trade fair or we invite you to contact our sales department.

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