The manual service area offers SMI's customers an innovative multimedia digital library, called SmyCloud, that users can access 24/7 to consult interactively the use and maintenance manuals, the spare parts manuals and the electrical diagrams of their machines, with the possibility to download technical documentation and save it in PDF format on the hard disk of their computers or tablets.
The online consultation of machine technical manuals is easy and user-friendly and offers the great advantage of providing anytime the electrical diagrams in their most recent version and the other manuals updated to the machine new functions, the latest upgrades or most innovative accessories in the meantime implemented on the equipment of the same model.


The 3D manuals, supplied by SMI as standard, are user-friendly and interactive, with benefits for the customers in terms of immediate communication. The latter is guaranteed by the use of a “universal language”, represented by pictures, which improves


Thanks to interactive synoptic tables, SMI's customers can visualize on their computers a 3D rendering of the machine various sections; furthermore, by placing the mouse on any spot of a certain section you can open the technical drawing of the spare parts connected to that section and visualize their identification code and price.
SmyCloud is available in the reserved area of Smyhelpdesk that can be accessed through personal username and password provided by SMI.