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On-line support


Based on a reserved phone line, Smycall is the quickest way to get immediate help over the phone from SMI's specialized service engineers in case of need or emergency. This service is provided free-of-charge for all SMI machines within the warranty period; for machines outside the warranty period the service is provided upon payment of a reasonable annual subscription fee.

Remote assistance (tele-service)

It is a quick and cost-cutting service that helps keep the machine's efficiency level high. Thanks to a remote “peer-to-peer” connection between the machine's operator panel and SMI's service engineer's computer, the latter can see on his PC monitor the same information that are beeing viewed by the machine operator on his control panel's display, so as to be able to carry out a quick check of the machine's running parameters and to give instructions to the operator on how to restore the equipment's full efficiency. Furthermore, the tele-service is used as a system to update by the Internet the machine's control software, since it allows large batches of data to be swiftly transferred between computers.


It is an interactive menu enabling the consultation of a large library of technical information and the resolution of machine's less complex troubles. Technical files are extremely detailed and easy to read, since written instructions are equipped with many pictures that help carry out repair interventions quickly and successfully. Each SMI's customer can seek the technical file that better suits his needs by using various searching parameters: machine model, free search field or “tags” concerning the "how to" instructions contained in the file or the problem arisen on the machine.